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Compulsory Motor Liability insurance
  • Allow us compensate harm caused to health, life and property of victims of a road traffic accident (RTA) through at fault.
  • Apply in less than 3 minutes.


Full protection of your car
  • With the AUTOcomfort insurance program you get full financial protection for your car.
  • Combines all the best auto insurance options that car owners need.


Voluntary car insurance
  • Insurance of your car up to 500 thousand tenge from an accident, regardless of the presence or absence of your fault.
  • Registration in less than 3 minutes.
  • Purchase online without inspection.

For Tourists

Health insurance
  • Health insurance policy of departing abroad will cover your medical costs if you suffered an injury, suddenly fell ill or other unforeseen event on the trip

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Compulsory Tourist Insurance

Compulsory Tourist Insurance

Everyone who is going to travel abroad needs to know that travel insurance is just as necessary as train or plane tickets. In order not to pay out of pocket for the services of a doctor or hospital if they are suddenly needed on vacation, you purchase an OST policy that will protect you from unexpected expenses in case of illness or accident outside your home country.



Full vehicle protection

With the AUTOComfort insurance program you get full financial protection for your car. It combines all the best auto insurance conditions that car owners need.



Compulsory Motor liability

Did you know that your CML policy does not protect you from all the risks arising during an accident? After all, the maximum amount of payment is strictly defined by law. Buy the Contract of Voluntary Motor Liability Contract, wich will cover the costs for which there was no opportunity to recover.


Personal Accident Insurance

Against accident

An easy and inexpensive way to provide yourself and your loved ones with guaranteed financial protection in case of sudden injury or temporary disability.


House Insurance

Reliable property insurance

You have acquired a long-awaited home - a house or an apartment for the joy of the whole family, and now it seems that all adversities are behind you. But is it? Do you know that even when purchasing apartment insurance at the request of the bank, your family is not yet protected in case of loss of your property, and the entire payment will go to repay the loan? What to do in these cases? Purchase a voluntary property insurance in the insurance company 'Basel'!


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